Veroñica Ortiz


Aqua de la Noria


Veroñica Ortiz was born n La Jara, Colorado of ranchers-sheepherders. Her poetry reflects that culture. In 1981, her poetry became folk song of the Northern New Mexico area, now her home.

She has completed a manuscript of poems called "Hielo en las Orillas" and a drama with a song entitled "Manjagitiana Gypsy Nun"

In the summer of 1983, she furthered her folkloric studies by a visit to the Purepecha Indians of Michoacan. She looks to nature and her inner self for solutions to life situations.

Her catalogue includes:

"Nueva Canción Neomexicana"

"Canciones a Dulcinea"

"Songs of Redemption"

"Canciones de la Monjagitana"

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1. Ecce quam bonum
2. Transeat
3. Graffiti de los caminos
4. Aqua de la noria
5. Resonet in laudibus
8. 0 vos omnes
7. Deo d’ mare
8. Aye Costa Rica
9. Casa de Adobe
10. Agradecido Arbol

Steve Chavez rhythm Guitar and mandolin
Steve Chaviz Recording Studio, engineered, mastered and mixed

Cipriano Vigil on huapango guitar
Jess Mermejo of Picuris Pueblo on native drum & bell

Original lyrics and melody Veronica Ortiz
All rights reserved © 2007

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