Soul Selects Records

Treat Her Right
Treat Her Right cover (mockup)

Treat Her Right chose to release their self titled record using the Soul Selects record label in 1986 before it was more widely distributed by Demon Records and is presently on RCA.

The band:

Billy Conway: Cocktail Drum,
Jim Fitting: Harmonica,
David Champagne: Guitars,
Mark Sandman: Regular guitar, Low Guitar, Organ,Vocals.

Established the distinctive deep, dark and driving sound without a bass guitar, and no complete drum set.

They went on to record:

What's Good For You

and an Anthology has been released with Razor and Tie records.

For the past few years the original vinyl copy of the Debut has been listed on a really cool Vermont website for sale:

Exhile on Main Street

A lot has, can and will be written about this band:

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